I am thrilled to join the Lawyerist site, and eager to contribute information and insights into the dynamics of our changing profession and how solo and small firm lawyers can leverage technology and emerging trends to create a successful law practice in the 21st Century.

I currently serve as Content Manager for JD Supra, LLC, an online legal content publisher and highly-targeted distribution platform, enabling lawyers to establish authority in their field of expertise.

My 23 years of professional experience in law is a unique blend of traditional firm practice in business and real estate transactions and litigation, in-house counsel for real estate development, and business and real estate investments in California, Hawaii and New Mexico. In 2009 I founded Freelance Law Firm, a virtual-based freelance attorney service, performing legal projects for outsourcing attorneys.  During this time, I researched, attended conferences, wrote and spoke about the dramatic changes in the legal profession and the development of a new legal business model.

Because of my interest in the future of law, I founded Law Practice Strategy in 2010. LPS is a blog covering the future of law, and a resource for solos and small firms seeking to incorporate emerging trends into their law practices. LPS offers on-going updates and resources related to why and how to integrate technology, project management, alternative fee arrangements, virtual law office platforms, and content marketing systems to create a successful law practice design.

I am a member of the ABA’s Law Practice Management Section and elawyering task force, ABA’s GP-Solo Division  and California State Bar’s Law Practice Management and Technology Division. My articles have been published in LJN’s Legal Technology Newsletter, TechnoLawyer and ABA’s GP-Solo Magazine. My book, Law Practice Strategy: Creating a New Business Model for Solos and Small Firms will be published early summer.

Looking forward to connecting with you here at Lawyerist!

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