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Kennedy-Mighell Report: “Why Lawyers Don’t Use Document Assembly (and Why They Should)”

Document assembly is popular, but it hasn’t become the industry-revolutionizing technology some thought it might be. For this episode, hosts Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell talked about why lawyers don’t use document assembly technology but why they probably should. They also talk about how why standardized templates don’t really serve as a replacement for real document assembly. Finally, you can also learn about how to make document assembly software more manageable.

Daring Fireball—The Talk Show: “If You Trust Your Twin”

If you’re addicted to all things Apple, Daring Fireball—The Talk Show is for you. This episode, recorded not long after the iPhone X dropped, has no less than five reviews of Apple’s new flagship phone, and they even throw in a review of the iPhone 8 for good measure.

The Sporkful: “Thanksgiving Is For Eaters”

The Sporkful is a podcast about food that bills itself as not for foodies, but for eaters. For their Thanksgiving episode, they talked to Amy Sedaris about family drama at Thanksgiving, Mo Rocca about just getting through the day, and New York Times food editor Sam Sifton about stuffing. They also, of course, call the Butterball Turkey Hotline.

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