Do Your Emails Have the Correct Tone?

Maybe you just started using email, or maybe you have just become a little too casual in emails to opposing counsel. You can edit your own emails, but sometimes it can be helpful to get a second opinion to make sure you are projecting the proper tone. If you find yourself in that situation, try Tonecheck.

Tone is easily misinterpreted

When you are litigating a case, it is very easy to infer the wrong tone from an email, and just as easy for your emails to be misinterpreted by opposing counsel. One easy way to avoid this is to try and make your emails as straightforward as possible. Avoid snarky comments, half-snarky comments, and even quarter-snarky comments. In other words, keep it civil.

Get a second opinion

No matter what you write, some people will always send nasty responses. In many cases, however, they may have misinterpreted your email.

Tonecheck’s suggested revisions might not always perfect, but it appears to identify phrases or sentences that might project the wrong tone. If you cannot restrain yourself from making snippy comments, let the program work for you. Even if you think there is nothing possibly wrong with your email, it is still worth a shot.

Litigation is stressful enough without unnecessary email battles with opposing counsel. If you find yourself wasting hours waging email war, give Tonecheck a shot. The program is still in beta testing, meaning you can try it and use it for free right now.


  1. Fascinating. A commentary on our times. If they could just merge it with speech recognition software, they could probably save a lot of marriages.

  2. Avatar Chris_H says:

    If there’s one thing older email users don’t understand, it’s this. My friends in the corporate world say the same thing: the generational gap on using the correct tone in emails is enormous ….

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