Design Your Firm’s Website

Programs like WordPress and other free options have made it easy for people to design and create their own websites. This trend has apparently caught on with many small and solo attorneys.

Some attorneys have created great websites, while others…well…not so much. If you are considering your own site, consider these tips, and refer to as many resources as you need.

Make it easy to contact you

You can have the greatest content on your site, but if nobody can figure out how to email/call you, your site is a waste. I just praised a newly designed site for being visually dynamic. Turns out, it is nearly impossible to find contact information on the site.

Some firms use Google Voice numbers, and embed a plugin that lets potential clients call you from the homepage, which is pretty neat.

If you do not want to provide individual attorney email addresses, then use a contact form, or provide a general email account, like “”


Break up your website by adding some creative content pictures. Ideally, you can find pictures that match your practice area, or perhaps show something scenic near your office.

Hire a photographer to take nice pictures of you. Nice pictures look good, and they are ten million times better then an awkwardly cropped graduation photo where you have redeye. Ask yourself, would I want to hire that person in the picture?

Some people choose intimidating or serious facial expressions. I suggest smiling, or make an awkward attempt to look cool.

Other information

Make it easy to identify your practice areas, and include some information about why you are qualified in that area. If you have free resources for potential clients, make it easy to find them.

Keep it simple. Let potential clients know who you are, what you do, and how to get in touch.


  1. If you do end up choosing WordPress (which I strongly recommend too), check out this great article on some basic site optimizations that will make a huge difference in you website’s search engine visibility:

  2. Avatar Pre-paid Legal says:

    WordPress is great and I would have to add that having a good brandable domain name is important too.

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