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Here’s what we’re listening to this week.

On the Road: “Evolve Law Summit—A Conversation with Fastcase’s Phil Rosenthal”

In this episode of Legal Talk Network’s On the Road, the co-founder of Evolve Law, Jules Miller, interviewed Fastcase president, chairman, and co-founder Phil Rosenthal. They discuss Fastcase’s mission to democratize the law and desire to close the access to justice gap. Evolve Law is a community dedicated to accelerating the adoption of technology in the legal industry, and the recent Evolve Law Summit showcased innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Digital Edge: “Defining Artificial Intelligence as a Legal Tool”

Hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway discuss artificial intelligence with Mark Tamminga, a senior partner at Gowling WLG. Lawyers are nervous about artificial intelligence replacing their jobs, but many of them don’t actually understand AI. This wide-ranging discussion includes the big players in AI, the future of tech, and whether you should be concerned about a robot taking your job. Finally, Sharon and Jim discuss the College of Law Practice Management’s Futures Conference 2017. This year’s focus is AI and its role in the legal industry.

The Bowery Boys: “Beauty Bosses of Fifth Avenue”

The Bowery Boys takes a deep, deep, very deep look at New York City history. The podcast has been running since 2007, so there are over 200 episodes now. They have looked at the Great Fire of 1776, the secrets of Gramercy Park, Manhattan’s only private park, and Nikola Tesla’s life in the city.

In this week’s episode, they explore how Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan was turned into a retail paradise, and the role that beauty titans Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein played in that transformation. Last year, they put out a companion book, The Bowery Boys: Adventures in Old New York: An Unconventional Exploration of Manhattan’s Historic Neighborhoods, Secret Spots, and Colorful Characters.

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