ibm_thinkpad_t43I am sad to report that my ThinkPad has died. Or rather it is in the midst of its dying throes at the moment. The hard drive is crunching away like a pepper grinder while I attempt to nuke the remaining data before recycling it.

I am hard on my laptops. I took my ThinkPad everywhere, dropped it or smacked it into a wall at least once a month, tripped over its power cord daily, overheated it on several occasions because I forgot to put it to sleep before tucking it in my briefcase, hauled it around without padding, and so on.

It had a hard life, and all I replaced during its 3 years and 8 months was a used-up trackpad key, a burned-out DVD drive, and a motherboard last May, all under warranty with IBM/Lenovo’s excellent customer service.

This is why I always recommend ThinkPads. And I still will, even though I plan to get a Macbook to replace it. That magnetic power cord sounds good for a clutz like me, and I can’t stomach the thought of using Vista (or XP, ugh), until Windows 7 finally arrives.


  1. Trevor says:

    Definitely buy a Mac. You’re right, the mag power cord is a fantastic safety feature, but the rest of the machine (especially the OS) is a pure joy to use after fighting with Windows. A word of advice: don’t stay married to MS Office. I haven’t tried the new version but the old one was a HUGE pig and had memory leaks. My Mac runs like a charm; slows to a crawl if I leave any MS Office program open for more than an hour or two. iWork is surprisingly useful but takes some (un)learning if you’re used to MS Word, etc.

  2. Sam Glover Sam Glover says:

    I am all the way. I have played with iWork, but I don’t think I will get it, since OOo does everything I need.

  3. Randle says:

    Good decision ending up with the T400. I think the rest of the PC world will catch up with the macs before I end up getting one… Let’s face it – in the Mac Guy vs PC Guy comparisons I’ve stopped denying that I’m the PC Guy!

    I just bought a Zeroshock III case to protect my T500 (once I get it) as they’re highly recommended by lots of people. Here is a link to one for the T400 so you can protect it:

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