ibm_thinkpad_t43I am sad to report that my ThinkPad has died. Or rather it is in the midst of its dying throes at the moment. The hard drive is crunching away like a pepper grinder while I attempt to nuke the remaining data before recycling it.

I am hard on my laptops. I took my ThinkPad everywhere, dropped it or smacked it into a wall at least once a month, tripped over its power cord daily, overheated it on several occasions because I forgot to put it to sleep before tucking it in my briefcase, hauled it around without padding, and so on.

It had a hard life, and all I replaced during its 3 years and 8 months was a used-up trackpad key, a burned-out DVD drive, and a motherboard last May, all under warranty with IBM/Lenovo’s excellent customer service.

This is why I always recommend ThinkPads. And I still will, even though I plan to get a Macbook to replace it. That magnetic power cord sounds good for a clutz like me, and I can’t stomach the thought of using Vista (or XP, ugh), until Windows 7 finally arrives.

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