adobe_photoshop_elementsAdobe is having a fire sale on Photoshop Elements 7 through April 23rd. Regularly $99.99, the 40% discount brings the price down to $59.99. Elements is Windows-only, though.

Photoshop Elements aims to make photo editing simple and user-friendly, and by most reports, it does a good job. Amazon users rated it 3.5 stars. For basic photo editing tasks like adjusting colors and removing ex-girlfriends, it does the trick.

If $59.99 is too rich for your blood, don’t worry, there are excellent free photo editors out there.

For Windows, Paint.NET is a powerful, free image editor that will do everything Elements does, just not quite as easily. If the GIMP did not exist, Paint.NET would cover most of the image editing I need to do.

Advanced users should try the GIMP, a free, open-source image editor that does everything I need. If I felt like spending $700, I would get Photoshop CS4. But the GIMP is free and can do 95% of what Photoshop CS4 can do, so that is enough for me.

If you want easy, Photoshop Elements is hard to beat. If you want free, there are very good alternatives.

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  1. Sam Glover says:

    Peter Berge at Small Firm Success has more on the benefits of Adobe Photoshop Elements, and some ideas for what lawyers might use it for.

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