In a market flooded with iPad cases, choosing the right iPad case can enhance your iPad’s productivity.

Unfortunately, the Cygnett Lavish Connect iPad Case does more to limit productivity than enhance it.

What I like about the case/keyboard

I like that the designers/engineers tried to do something unique. They went for all the glory, but unfortunately, came up short in almost every respect.

The case looks nice and stylish—more stylish then most cases on the market. The keyboard (which adheres with a magnet) also doubles as a magnetic lock for your iPad, so it turns on and off when you open and close the case.

Sadly, that is the extent of the positives.

What I don’t like about case/keyboard

As noted above, this case has a nice design, but it fails miserably in execution.

The case is stylish, but is also very thick. When closed up, your iPad swells to the size of a textbook, which defeats the slim design of the iPad. Notably, there are other iPad cases with much slimmer designs. The case also lacks a closing mechanism—there is nothing to keep the case closed. For viewing, the case has a prop on the back, which does not work well if for lap usage—similar to the iLuv Professional Workstation.

The keyboard is wireless and detachable, but it doesn’t work well. The keys feel small and some keys, like the shift keys, are out of place or mysteriously very small. I had a terrible time trying to capitalize anything when typing. Unlike the Kensington Keyfolio Pro 2, which uses powerful magnets to attach the keyboard to the case, the Cygnett uses extremely weak magnets. They are so weak you can barely tell when they are engaged. In addition, I noticed they failed to hold the keyboard in place when the case was closed together.

Quite honestly, it feels like a bunch of people designed certain parts of this case/keyboard, but then nobody tested the product in its entirety.

Who should buy it

Nobody. Unless you can buy it at a steep discount, there are plenty of better alternatives out there.


Cygnett Lavish Connect iPad Case and Keyboard

Reviewed by Randall Ryder on .

Summary: The Cygnett Lavish Connect iPad Case and Keyboard has very little going for it and does more to limit productivity than enhance it.

Overall score: 1 (out of 5)

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