LegalBoard’s creator posted his own demo, as well, which is a litttle better because he is actually using Windows.

Brendan Kenny has our review unit and is using it to draft a summary judgment motion. He will post a more thorough review soon!

Update. Brendan just posted his LegalBoard review, along with a keyboard tips, hacks, and recommendations discussion thread in the Lab.


  1. According to the origin story over at “Some of the more technologically astute among you might be thinking, “He could just create a shortcut in Word for the section symbol and his problem would be solved.”

    Actually, he couldn’t. At the time, Potts — who is now a partner at Perkins Coie — was a partner at Foley & Lardner. Foley’s computers were networked, and every time he powered down, any shortcuts disappeared.”

    This product results from a failure of the firm’s IT department and/or support staff. A simple solution to the problem would be to create firm-wide document templates that contain common shortcuts that are available to all users (e.g., ALT+CTRL+P for the para. symbol, ATL+CTRL+S for the section symbol).

  2. Brendan Kenny says:

    If you’d like to discuss LegalBoard and keyboard tips, hacks, and recommendations, head over to the Lawyerist Lab:

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