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You can find multiple posts on Lawyerist about why a blog can help with marketing and jumpstart a new practice Creating a blog, however, is just the first step. A recent article indicates that content, interaction, audience, and support are the most important factors in creating a successful blog.


Your blog should provide potential clients and other attorneys with valuable content. Sheer volume does not equate to good content though. Readers should be able to take away at least one good piece of knowledge from each post.


Interaction does not mean giving out free legal advice. But you can point people towards resources or make generalized comments if you wish. Demonstrate to readers you are paying attention and the blog is one way to make contact with you.

Blog name

Let’s be honest, a catchy name will always help. Beyond that, the name should be simple, relatively short, and relate to your subject matter. This will help people find it and hopefully remember it.

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  1. Avatar RE Ramcharan says:

    All well and good, but let me sound a cautionary note.
    I noticed that our town’s newspaper missed two important decisions coming down from the state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals last week. That omission, among other things, got me thinking about starting a law blog on my web site. My ISP, Yahoo!SmallBusiness, claimed to make the process quick and simple, so I went ahead and started setting it up. What happened was, I pasted a piece of text into a box that was supposed to hold some kind of directory code and didn’t notice until I tried to save and publish and got an error message. Now, visitors are greeted with the blog instead of the index page of the web site, which sortof defeats the purpose of presenting all that information about my low overhead as a virtual law firm, how long i’ve been a lawyer, what I can do for you, yada yada.
    Yahoo! hasn’t had much to say about any of this, but I realize these things take time to sort out. I expect it will get fixed before too long. In the meantime, I’m functionally off the internet.
    I’d suggest that if you’re going to set up a blog, make sure you know what you’re doing before you start monkeying around with the code.

    • Aaron Street Aaron S. says:


      That would be one of the many reasons to (1) have a professional help you put your blog together, and (2) use software designed for successful blogging.

      We use (and recommend) WordPress. Web-host-provided templates will never provide the professional solution you want.

  2. Avatar Randall R. says:

    WordPress is tricky to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is very nice and very easy.

    WordPress is also so popular that virtually any question/issue can be solved by a quick Google search.

  3. Avatar RE Ramcharan says:

    An email to Yahoo! customer support got the site back online and closer attention to the instructions got the blog activated. Now for some content…

  4. Avatar Charles says:

    I agree that WordPress is a great start. It has lots of options, but this also means that it has a lot of tools to use. I created two blawgs using the service: and and I’ve been happy with the results.


  5. Avatar Adam says:

    Definitely use WordPress. It’s built for blogging, but easy to build an entire site around. A professional can help make it look and perform at it’s best, but you should be able to do something very basic by yourself too.

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