Video games are fun. Continuing Legal Education, however, is not. What if there was a way to combine the two into something even mildly interesting, instead of just playing Candy Crush on your phone during a CLE lecture.

A company called TransMedia Inc. developed a game several years ago called “Objection!” From the game’s description:

The murder mystery that started it all. The only way to save your client from execution is to get better and faster as you master the rules of Evidence. Variety of play is in the billions. Challenge is unlimited.

You can download a free demo of the game here. After playing the demo, I can personally guarantee that it definitely do one thing: make you nostalgic for Carmen San Diego and Oregon Trail. Playing the game will even give you CLE credit in a number of states. You can buy the “Classic” version of the game for $129.00, or a bundle of games and an evidence lecture mp3 for $399.00.

While it is easy to knock the boring source material, terrible graphics, and rudimentary game play (press H for Hearsay, I for Irrelevant, L for Leading, etc.) the game seems to be the only lawyer-focused, CLE-credit-awarding video game on the market. We are not counting Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney because it does not get you CLE credit.

This is a shame. It seems that there has to be a better way to make CLE courses fun, especially if most states require lawyers to complete them. Maybe some enterprising game developer can develop something better. It would not compete with Call of Duty, certainly, but it could at least make completing CLE courses more tolerable.

Featured image: “handsome business man with a controller” from Shutterstock.

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