allison-shieldsI am excited about joining Lawyerist! I was a full time litigator for over 12 years before starting Legal Ease Consulting, Inc. in 2005 to help lawyers and law firms improve their practices. As a partner and manager in a growing Long Island law firm, I became interested in management, marketing and business development for lawyers. During that time, it came to my attention that although there seemed to be a wealth of resources for big firms, there wasn’t as much available to help smaller firms improve the business side of their practices. I started Legal Ease Consulting to address that need. I continued to practice part time until recently, when I decided to devote myself full time to my coaching and consulting practice.

The goal of Legal Ease Consulting is to help lawyers create more productive, profitable and enjoyable law practices. In my life as a lawyer, I’ve seen too much of what I call “lawyer meltdown” – that is, lawyers who have become overwhelmed, frustrated with the practice of law and have forgotten the reasons they decided to become lawyers. I work with my clients to create systems for their practices, to work more productively, delegate more effectively, and attract the clients they want to work with – freeing them up to focus on high value clients and activities which bring them the most fulfillment and use their expertise to its fullest.

My posts will focus on practical solutions for real-life problems encountered by lawyers in practice today in the areas of client service, practice management, productivity, marketing strategy, technology and business development. In addition to writing for Lawyerist, I am the author of the Legal Ease Blog and numerous other articles published on my website, LawyerMeltdown and in my e-newsletter, The Lawyer Meltdown Newsletter. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter @allisonshields or visit the Legal Ease Consulting Facebook fan page.

3 responses to “Allison Shields, Lawyerist Contributor”

  1. Glad to see you here Allison! I look forward to your contributions.

  2. Nena Street says:

    Welcome to the team! Your perspective will be a valuable addition and I look forward to reading your posts.

  3. Danny Johnson says:

    Already read your tweets, will now read your posts on here!

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