Contactually is CRM (contact/client/customer relationship management) software well-suited to building and maintaining a network of legal clients and referral sources. Most CRM software is built around converting leads and winning or losing deals. That can work for a law practice if you have a client-acquisition strategy that looks like selling widgets, but it feels pretty clunky if what you want is help building and maintaining relationships, not closing sales.

However, if you want help staying in touch with current and former clients and other referral sources, you should give Contactually a try. Here’s a quick overview of two of its best features: buckets and programs.

Maintain Relationships with Contactually’s Buckets

The core of Contactually is its buckets, which help you organize your contacts, and Contactually reminds you how often to follow up with contacts depending on which bucket you put them in. So if you want to make sure to check in with current clients every 30 days, but former clients every 6 months, just create a bucket for each.

This video lays it out the bucket system really well:

To make it easy to follow up on the schedule you set, you can create email templates and connect Contactually to Gmail or Office365. It even comes with some basic templates—although you will want to improve on and customize them.

Automatic Networking with Programs

If there are things you want to make sure you always do, you can create a program—an automated series of steps in Contactually. You can automatically send emails, set tasks to call or check in, move contacts between buckets, and more. For each step, you can set it to happen automatically, or you can set it so you have to approve the action manually before it happens.

Programs are an easy way to automate follow-ups after you attend a networking event, teach a seminar, or attend a conference. Or you could build a follow-up sequence for potential clients who contact you via your website.

Who Should Try Contactually

If your business is based on staying connected with current and former clients and other referral sources, Contactually is a steal at $29/month (or $49/month for the Professional plan if you want programs and other premium features). But you can try Contactually free for 14 days, and that’s plenty of time to figure out if it’s for you.

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