For better or for worse, Outlook remains ubiquitous (if not necessarily popular) among lawyers. And really, it’s for good reason. Nothing else combines email, contacts, calendar, and tasks in a single place. Unlike some, I’m an Outlook fan. For a while, I even figured out a way to use Outlook 2007 as a matter-based organizer, although Microsoft removed the Activity tab in Outlook 2010.

So I think it is pretty exciting that Microsoft is finally going to build practice management features into Office, specifically for lawyers. From Bob Ambrogi:

Microsoft unveiled a preview version of Matter Center during the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) conference in August, but has said virtually nothing about it since, apart from what is said on the product’s web page.

Bob thinks it will be launched at ABA TechShow in April. If so, I will be sure to publish a preview as soon as I can see it in action. For much more information, read Bob’s post at LawSites.

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