Last week, Andy Wilson from Logikcull (here’s our review) bragged about “an entirely new Logikcull app that’s built for any size screen: whether you’re on a watch (seriously), phone, tablet, or giant big screen TV ….” Obviously, I had to see it on a watch.

Wilson delivered. Not only does the new app resize to watch size, but it’s actually usable. After I saw it for myself, I asked him to record a demo. Here is Logikcull, on a watch:

As Wilson admits, the screen in the video is actually a bit larger than the current crop of smartwatch screens, which have 320×320 displays. But you get the idea.

How useful is this? Well, other than Futurelawyer’s Rick Georges, who is kind of obsessed with his Samsung Galaxy Gear, I doubt many lawyers even own a smartwatch — much less want to review documents on one. Because realistically, a tiny watch screen is always going to be a terrible place to review documents.

But it’s also kind of cool. From now on, I humbly propose “But can you do doc review on it?” as the legal geek version of “But can it run Doom?” Sort of a “Hello World” for legal tech.

Featured image: “Male finger tap on the icon of unread messages on the smart watch” from Shutterstock.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Sam. The doc-review mood ring UI is coming soon…Red = HOT, Blue = Non-responsive, Pink = Privilege…you get the idea =P

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