I remember watching my first runway show (from my couch, unfortunately) and wondering to myself who would actually wear these things in real life. The show was by the late Alexander McQueen and one particular model had a mesh cage surrounding her filled with live butterflies, I was completely bewildered. Runway looks can be awe-inspiring and intimidating at the same time but there is always a way to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe.

A trend that emerged last spring and has continued to be huge this spring is colorblocking. Colorblocking is just like it sounds, “blocks” of color worn together. “Blocks” can be actual blocks on a garment or a garment itself. The runways have used a lot of loud color combinations, including neon, making it somewhat intimidating to wear in day to day life. However, there are a multitude of color combinations to create an outfit from. If you are more adventurous go for contrasting colors such as navy and coral. For a more subtle look choose colors that are in the same family or near each other on the spectrum such as red and pink or yellow and green.

Whichever route you choose finish the outfit with neutrals. For instance, if you wear a red shirt with a pink blazer pair it with camel pants or skirt to keep the look office appropriate. A statement necklace or cuff can be a great addition to a colorblocked outfit but remember that colorblocking is a lot of look so don’t go overboard with the baubles. Also keep in mind your body shape when trying on colorblocked pieces. For instance, if the colorblocking on a dress creates a waistline that does not match your natural waist and looks funny, discard it and move on. There are a million ways to way this trend that will flatter your shape.

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