Using online video chats and instant messaging seems might seem like socializing, but a recent study shows that using such collaborative tools also increases productivity. Collaborative tools include everything from IM to ridiculously expensive teleconferencing technology (Skype and Tinychat are much cheaper alternatives).

The study, sponsored by Verizon and Cisco, surveyed over 3,662 decisionmakers from organizations over the world, finding that 44% of organization used collaborative tools. More importantly, the study concluded that the more a company invested in collaborative technologies, their return increased at a proportional rate.

In my office, we use Skype to make our office mobile and our lives easier. Because of our mobility, we can work from home when we want to. If we need to talk to each other, we can video chat over Skype with the click of a button. As long as one person is in the office to meet with a client, other people can Skype in and still be participate in the meeting without physically being there. If your firm has more than one office—across a state, across the country, or across the globe—collaborative technology is a must.

Invest in Collaborative Tools, Get More Than Double Return, Study Says| Web Worker Daily

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