According to the Verge, it will be called “Tell Me,” and look like a lightbulb.

While testing is in the early stages, we understand Microsoft is adding the “Tell Me” helper found in its Office Online apps to the desktop versions. Tell Me sits at the top of documents as a type of help and search tool. It’s similar in function to Clippy, providing a quick way to discover features and ask questions without digging into the vast help documentation found in Office. There’s no animated character like Clippy, just a simple bulb icon to indicate its presence in documents. Asking questions like “how do I insert images?” will bring up relevant features and additional help. It’s mainly a tool to help Office users discover the vast amount of features that are available across all the individual apps.

Okay, so not really Clippy, fortunately. Just a different help tool that probably won’t be sophisticated enough to help you pass the Legal Tech Audit. If you want to know what it will be like, check out the Office Online apps:

If you want a sneak peek at the new version of Office, check out the screenshots at the Verge.

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