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Today at the 2015 Clio Cloud Conference1, Clio introduced two brand-new features: Campaign Tracker and Clio Payments.


Campaign Tracker is a new feature that helps lawyers figure out where their clients are coming from. With Campaign Tracker, you can generate unique phone numbers (routed to your firm phone number) to use with ads, create contact forms and landing pages, and enter leads manually. It’s a simple solution to a common problem: figuring out where your clients came from.

There are other ways to do this — Gyi just did a step-by-step guide — but they aren’t built right into your practice management software.


Clio Payments is a quick-and-easy payment portal powered by LawPay that works with Clio’s invoicing system. This makes it easy to accept credit cards from clients for invoices. Clio Payments will do basic payments at launch, and trust account–compliant payments are coming soon.

  1. Disclaimer: Clio wanted me at its conference so badly it bought me a coach-class ticket on a plane with a flat tire. 

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  1. Jamie Sutton says:

    This is an interesting move that definitely shakes up plans. I wonder what “powered by LawPay” will mean, and if this means that we will be able to cancel our plans to subscribe to Lawpay as a separate service. It definitely looks like it, which means we’ll be saving $20 a month unless Clio raises prices.

    Campaign Tracker too looks very interesting. I’ve been talking to the crew from Lexicata, and while Lexicata definitely has some features that Campaign Tracker doesn’t seem too… it might be good enough that we wind up not subscribing with them either.

    • Sam Glover says:

      It doesn’t look to me like a separate subscription to LawPay is required, but I will try to find out while I’m here at the conference.

    • Sam Glover says:

      Good news! The cost is included in your Clio subscription. No separate subscription to LawPay is necessary.

      • Jamie Sutton says:

        Wow Sam, thanks for doing that extra detective work during what I’m sure is a super busy conference for you. That’s really interesting, and will save us 20 bucks a month. I wonder if they’re going to be charging the same percentages as Lawpay is, and how “soon” trust-compliant accounting will be added.

        Now I’ll have to sit down and look at Campaign Tracker and take a good long think about if the features Lexicata (mostly sending and electronically signing intake forms and then creating matters in Clio based on those forms) adds that Campaign tracker doesn’t is worth the extra money.

  2. LawPay says:

    Clio Payments is simply an enhanced integration of LawPay. Attorneys will still need an account with LawPay to handle the security, compliance and processing. Under the Clio Payments integration, Clio plans to cover the cost of LawPay.

    • Jamie Sutton says:

      Thanks for the additional information LawPay. Love your service. So we’ll need an account with Lawpay, and an account with Clio, but our Clio subscription will include the $20 monthly cost of Lawpay, meaning that payments will only be charged the appropriate percent fee, is that right?

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