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Yesterday at its Cloud Conference, Clio made some big announcements. First and most noticeably, Clio has gone from yellow to blue based on feedback (mostly negative, it sounds like) from its users. The update is not just skin-deep; “Clio Next” includes a quick-bill screen, a new dashboard (more dashboard options are planned) that highlights business metrics, better tasks, and improvements to document management.

There is also a new Android app, which has been long-awaited by Clio’s Android user base, I’m sure.


Probably most important, Clio announced a number of new integrations, including QuickBooks Online, Fastcase, and Zapier. The Fastcase integration lets users bill time and save cases right to client matters without leaving Fastcase. The Zapier integration is huge. Zapier is an If This, Then That–style service that connects APIs from a ton of different apps. If that sounds dry, imagine automatically sending a welcome package to new clients when you create a new matter in Clio. Or maybe you could send a survey using SurveyMonkey and automatically adds your clients’ responses to Clio.

With Zapier integration, Clio is effectively integrated with hundreds of other services. It should make possible some really cool shortcuts. (Maybe the Clioday will get even longer.)

I updated our Clio user guide with the new features. If you are considering Clio for your practice, check it out.

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