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This week, we’re highlighting podcasts from Legal Talk Network’s coverage of the 2017 Clio Cloud Conference.

“Building a Complete Law Firm”

Sam Glover talked with Peter Aprile and Natalie Worsfold, lawyers at Canada’s Counter Tax Lawyers law firm. The firm is future-oriented and driven to succeed. They’ve even created their own software so they could improve the quality of their services. Aprile and Worsfold presented at Clio Cloud Conference, and Sam talked with them about their presentation. In this podcast, they discuss the three things lawyers should be doing: having goals, mapping out processes, and thinking deeply about those processes and how they will impact the future of your company.

“Data-Driven Decision Making & Process”

In this report from Legal Talk Network’s On the Road, the ABA Journal’s Jason Tashea talked with Sam Glover and Mary Juetten about their presentation at the Clio Cloud Conference. Mary is a recovering accountant with a JD. She writes and speaks about key performance indicators and data and in 2016 published Small Law Firm KPIs: How to Measure Your Way to Greater ProfitsThe book focuses on using the right data to be more efficient and profitable and does so without relying upon pretentious acronyms and business jargon. Jason also talked to Sam and Mary about how to use data for law firm marketing and management.

“Working with Millennial Lawyers and Clients”

In this podcast, Sam Glover interviewed Nicole Abboud. Nicole is the founder of Abboud Media, a company that creates videos and podcasts for lawyers and law firms. She also hosts her own podcast, The Gen Why Lawyer. Sam and Nicole talked about her Clio Cloud Conference panel,“Millennials: Understanding Your New Clients and Colleagues for Law Firm Growth.” Nicole’s panel touched on the changing culture of business in general, why lawyers need to be genuine online, and what millennial employees are looking for in employment and management.

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