Clio just announced its Apollo update—what it calls a bet-the-company update to its software and company. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect from Apollo.

The New Interface

From the user’s perspective, the updates should feel evolutionary. When you get the Apollo update, Clio will look and feel fresh, but familiar. At the same time, it is effectively a completely new app, and Clio says there are over 220 enhancements.

The first thing you will notice is a slightly different look and feel. Some menus and features have moved. Search is more prominent (and does more). Clio also learned from its testing that lawyers want to see lots of information. So instead of simplifying the user interface, lists and tables in Clio now make it easier to see more information about your cases, choose which information you want to see, sort information, and act on it.

Oh, and no big deal but there’s now an Outlook plugin. Okay, that’s a big deal. Lawyers love Outlook, and the new plugin makes it easy to associate emails with matters right from Outlook.

Here’s a peek at the new look and feel:

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