PATLive is a 24/7 virtual receptionist service that has offered call-handling to all types of businesses, including law firms, since 1990.

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PATLive Highlights

United States-based virtual receptionists. PATLive provides 24/7/365 English-language virtual receptionist services. Spanish-speaking receptionists are available from 7 am to midnight. All virtual receptionists are based in the United States. The virtual receptionists can take a message or forward your calls, including sending real-time messages to your email.

Call center. PATLive can also provide call center services if your firm needs to staff up for an influx of phone calls that will require multiple individuals answering frequent calls. With that service, you get a dedicated account manager, and the virtual receptionists are trained specifically on your business. All calls are recorded, and all receptionists are graded on their performance at the end of each day.

Other services. PATLive is also able to handle lead collection, schedule appointments, and explain routine things to callers such as what your practice areas are. If the need arises, PATLive can also handle event registrations and order processing.


PATLive’s pricing is based on the number of virtual receptionist minutes you use, with a few additional considerations. Each plan has a cap on what they call “forwarding minutes”—any time they have a caller on the line that isn’t being handled by a live receptionist. In other words, you have a limit on how many minutes you have for calls transferred to you from PATLive. Each plan also comes with a different number of phone numbers that can be answered by the service.  PATLive can provide a toll-free number and a local city number, or they can use an existing number of yours.

  • $149/month for 75 live answer minutes.
  • $269/month for 200 live minutes.
  • $399/month for 350 live minutes.
  • $629/month for 600 live minutes
  • $999/month for 1,000 live minutes.

They also allow for minute overages on a per-call basis, which may be helpful for attorneys who prefer a lower overall service cost but may occasionally exceed their minutes.


Starting price$149/month
for 50 receptionist minutes
Free trial14 days free.
Live receptionist
Customizable greeting/script
Live transfers/call forwarding
Takes messages
Call overflow
Client intake
Outbound calls
Appointment scheduling
Use existing number
Free local or toll-free number
Real-time notifications
Additional languagesSpanish

Things You Might Want To Know

Apps and integrations. PATLive does not have an iOS or an Android app. However, it does offer integrations with Clio, Lexicata, and Practice Panther. PATLive receptionists can also configure its services to login directly to your web-based CRM, calendar, or e-commerce or ticketing systems.

Who PATLive Is For

PATLive is likely a good fit for attorneys that have varying levels of receptionist service needs from month to month because they offer a more flexible pricing scheme than some competitors. They are probably not a good fit for attorneys that want a dedicated iOS or Android app to track messages and make changes to the service.

Company Info

PATLive is based in Tallahassee, Florida.

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