Sugar CRM is a cloud-based client relationship management software with powerful features and is customizable to your needs.

Sugar CRM Highlights

Customizable CRM software. If you need to customize fields, layouts, modules, third-party plug-ins, or even code, Sugar CRM provides you with tools to make its customer relationship management software fit your exact needs from user access control to reporting and more.

Hint. Sometimes you’ll need to do research on a client or contact. Sure, you can spend a bunch of time Google-stalking that client or contact. Or you can use Hint. Hint is Sugar CRM’s relationship intelligence tool that automatically gathers and analyzes customer contact and social information for an additional $15 per month. At that price, it can quickly pay for itself from the time you’ll save researching.

Advanced workflow. Available with the Enterprise or Ultimate editions, the Advanced CRM workflow lets you automate your processes and workflows—including project and case management tasks—depending on your needs. You can also integrate Sugar CRM with external software and systems for efficiency and more-powerful user experience.

Sugar CRM Pricing

Sugar CRM has 3 pricing options:

Sugar Professional starts at $40/mo (billed annually). This tier includes sales automation and forecasting; customer service and case management tools; lead management and sales campaigns; online support; and 15GB of storage.

Sugar Enterprise is $65/mo (billed annually) and includes all the features from Sugar Professional plus an advanced workflow feature, role-based views and permissions, and other features that cater more to sales.  Also, your 15GB of storage is upped to 60GB.

Sugar Ultimate is $150/month (billed annually) and includes all the features from Professional and Enterprise plus 24/7 support and an assigned technical account manager. You’ll also get 250GB of storage.

As we mentioned above, you can add Hint to your subscription at any tier for $15/mo (billed annually).

If you’re not sure which product is right for you or whether you want to use Hint, Sugar CRM offers free demos and trials. You can reach out to learn more or schedule a consultation.

Sugar CRM Features

 Sugar CRM
Starting Price
$40/month per user
Free TrialYes - Reach out to learn more
Mobile Friendly
Appointment Scheduling
Email Sync
Calendar Sync
Email Templates
Document and Form Templates
Automated Workflows
Phone Dialer
eSignature Functionality

Things You Might Want To Know

Personalized dashboard. By setting your preferences to what’s most useful to you, you’ll get a clear set of client insights as soon as you log in. You can also create and view custom real-time charts and reports, personalize your dashboard, and monitor client and team progress on different projects and campaigns.

Multilingual and multicurrency. Sugar CRM supports more than 30 languages, and you can add more with Sugar’s language-pack framework. Sugar also lets you do business with different currencies.

Mobile friendly. Sugar CRM’s mobile app is available for iOS and Android so you can view your dashboard, access and manage client data, and create reports on the go. You can also easily create call reports with the mobile app’s speech-to-text technology. The apps are available with or without a data connection. When connected, its data sync capabilities let you rest easy that updates from your phone will show up on your desktop (and vice versa).

Control access. If more than one person will use your CRM software, Sugar gives administrators security capabilities to manage team- and individual-level access privileges.

Create your own knowledge base. Your “knowledge base” is a super-detailed FAQ. This is really useful for lawyers to answer common client questions about the substance of your practice area, your availability, what your individual practice looks like, and more. Sugar’s Knowledge Base system lets you easily create and publish articles to populate your knowledge base.

Microsoft Outlook integration. From within Outlook, you can view and create client information, connect emails to specific clients and contacts, and sync contacts, calendars, and tasks. Sugar has other integrations, too, including a phone integration to make calls—and take notes on them—fromwithin Sugar’s interface. With its robust integration library, your ability to customize Sugar is really only limited by your imagination.

Who Sugar CRM Is For

Sugar CRM is a powerful and customizable CRM, though it has many features and abilities that most of us either don’t need or wouldn’t want to take the time to learn. Sugar CRM might be a good fit if you want more control and insight into how you manage client relationships. It also might be better suited for people somewhat familiar with how to make the most out of an open API. If you’re starting with your first CRM or are looking for a simple and straight-forward CRM too, Sugar may still be overkill. You may still find it to be a good solution, but smaller CRM companies with a more personal touch may be a better fit.

To learn more and explore whether Sugar CRM would be a good fit for your practice, reach out to Sugar for a free trial or demo.

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