Law Firm Flat Fees

Law firm flat fees can align your incentives with your clients' more directly than hourly pricing, which can lead to a more customer-focused approach.

Quoting flat fees can feel like throwing darts at a mosquito with a blindfold on. Hitting the target can be really hard. Pricing your services, particularly if you’re interested in flat fees, may feel daunting, but it is a vital experiment that you should always consider to be a work in progress. The underlying opportunity, though, is for lawyers to completely rethink how they measure their value and their performance, to communicate their thinking about value, performance, and pricing to their clients, and to carefully draft an agreement with your client’s input that reduces risks on both sides. Law firm flat fees can align your incentives with your clients’ much more directly than with hourly pricing, and that can unlock technology implementation, innovation, and a customer-focused approach. You can learn more about law firm flat fees on Lawyerist right here.

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