Law Firm Meetings & Scheduling

Your law firm's meetings are a critical piece of your law firm management. Be intentional about them to maximize productivity and minimize annoyance.

Your law firm’s meetings, and how you schedule and run them, are critical pieces of law firm management. Be intentional about both to maximize your productivity and minimize waste.

Law Firm Meetings

Our quick Amazon search returned more than 7,000 options for “business meeting books.” The prevailing sentiment, unfortunately, is that Meetings Suck and you’ll meet your Death by Meeting.

Not so fast. Law firms that do well on our Small Firm Scorecard love (well-run) meetings, and we hope that “[e]veryone is engaged in regular firm-wide and team meetings and communication is frequent, open, and honest.” It’s really hard to have frequent, open, honest, and productive communications in your firm without meetings.

You can build great meetings. Great meetings are necessary, have clear and productive agendas, start and end on time, cover important work, help solve real problems, and get transcribed and archived in powerful ways.

Law Firm Scheduling

You’re involved in gobs and gobs of meetings no doubt. You meet with clients, staff, partners, vendors, opposing counsel, referring attorneys, the court, and a whole host of other folks. You also—theoretically anyway—get some real work done (and hopefully actual Deep Work).

That’s why making sure your meetings align with your ideal schedule can be such a powerful productivity hack. Whether you use an online scheduling tool or simply deploy a carefully-designed workflow to make sure your schedule never lets you down, you’re on the right track

We’ve gathered lots of resources about law firm meetings and law firm scheduling here. Take a look around, and keep your eyes on this page as we continually update it.