Video & Call Conferencing for Lawyers

The tool for video conferencing for lawyers improves client service in your firm, lets you share slides and your screen, and powers face-to-face "meetings."

Video and conference calls are staples in business communications. And while video conferencing for lawyers has grown in popularity, some lawyers are still reticent.

We make video and call conferencing for lawyers manageable by gathering resources that you’ll need to start using video chat for internal and external communications, offering some security considerations you should keep in mind, and reviewing software you can use reliably to do it.

The right software deployed at the right time can improve your clients’ interactions with your firm, allow you to share slides or your screen, and let you “meet” face-to-face to better appreciate nonverbal cues that really improve how you work with people

Please check back frequently as we continually update our resources on video conferencing for lawyers.