Claim your Avvo profile.

Avvo is a new(-ish) take on what has become an old concept: online user ratings. Most U.S. lawyers are already listed at Avvo, where people can rate lawyers and view others’ ratings. Whether or not you think this is a good idea, Avvo exists, and it can be a valuable way to attract potential clients—if you claim your profile (which is free, by the way).

Here’s why you should claim your profile.

Raise Your Profile

Go Google your name. How high does your Avvo profile already show up in the search results? For most people, it will be on the first page of your search results, if not the first few results. If that is true for you, and you have not claimed your profile, people who look for you online are probably encountering a weak-looking “no concern” Avvo page.

The search results for your name are a huge part of your online reputation, and you should take control of them if you can. Avvo has done an impressive job of getting to the top of most lawyers’ search results, so you can either try to beat Avvo at SEO, or claim your profile. The latter is easier. The former may be impossible. Google me or Jay Fleischman—we both have large online presences, but our Avvo profile is near the top of the first page.

Give people who are looking for you a photo, information about you and your practice, and—hopefully—enthusiastic client reviews.

Boost Your Rating

Avvo assigns ratings to every lawyer in the country—whether you claim your profile or not. Unclaimed profiles get a simple “no concern” label unless Avvo has found evidence of misconduct. Claimed profiles get a number from 1-10.

Claiming your profile will give you an automatic rating bump, which is a clue to part of what the rating is: a reward for adding information and filling in your profile. You can keep your rating moving upward by adding information about your services, payment options, experience, and more.

Claiming Your Profile Will Help—Not Hurt—Your Online Reputation

Claiming your profile does not enable people to rate you. They can—and probably will, at some point—rate you anyway. Instead, claiming your profile allows you to take control of your online reputation and show yourself in the best light possible. And while your rating may drop over time if you let the information in your profile go stale, you probably don’t need to update your profile more than once or twice a year.

Claiming and filling in your Avvo profile is an easy—and free—way to enhance your online reputation.

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