Checklist for Creating a Great Law Firm Website

A great law firm website requires a lot of details to be successful. Using a checklist is one way to ensure that you get these things right. Although you may have an awesome idea for a website, before you start into the development of the project it is important to map out all the steps and plan for all the important details.

Determine Your Market

  • Create a clear understanding of your website’s users
  • Create a list of URLs of your competitors
  • Determine the strengths and weaknesses of their websites
  • Define your firm’s Unique Selling Proposition

Set Your Goals

  • Align the goals of your business with this website and make sure your client’s needs are met. Do they need to reach you urgently or are you persuading them of your expertise?
  • Decide on a method for defining and measuring success

Name Your Website

  • Choose a domain name and hosting. Consider potential misspelling issues and also purchase those domain names.
  • Name your pages or major sections such as Contact, Services, etc.

Design Your Website

  • Use whitespace, harmonious colors, and web safe fonts
  • Find compelling images that correspond with your branding
  • Check the loading time of your pages
  • Check the depth of your pages (how many clicks does it take to reach any page?)
  • Check your browser compatibility
  • Check for broken links
  • Optimize your footer area with links, copyright, disclaimers, and contact info

Include sticky content

  • Create a call to action on every page, no dead ends
  • Use a writing style that suits your target audience
  • Break text into small easily read chunks separated with headings and images for easier scanning
  • Include an “about” page and testimonials to identify yourself and appear more human
  • Make your contact information easy to find

Measure and Update

  • Setup Google Analytics to monitor and measure your traffic
  • Update your site regularly, use and curate interesting content
  • Create an ongoing method of marketing and encouraging visitors to your website (writing blog posts, videos, cross promotion with other websites, social media, newsletters, etc.)


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  1. Avatar Jim says:

    Good tips Karin!

    In a previous life, I worked in web-dev for a couple of Toronto law firms. One thing I would also add is the importance of accurate, descriptive url’s, headings and titles.

    Some may argue that is more of a post-launch / seo function and, therefore, beyond the scope of this post. In my experience however, it makes life enormously easier if these are planned for and decided upon at the outset. Working them into your new website checklist just seems to ease both development and content creation.

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