There are many ways to develop strong rapports with clients, including keeping in touch with your clients. Keeping in touch can range from weekly phone calls, to occasional emails, or “congratulations, we won your case.” Lawyers have a professional responsibility to keep clients updated, and meeting that requirement depends on a variety of factors.

The client’s desires

Many clients will request weekly updates, or ask that they are only contacted if necessary. Weekly updates may seem tedious to some attorneys, but clients have every right to know what is happening with their case. When the client signs a retainer, set an expectation for communication, and live up to it.

The type of case

Some cases might take years to resolve, and things may change infrequently. That does not eliminate the need to keep in touch with a client. But you probably do not need to call the client every week to say nothing is happening.

Your personality

If you prefer calling clients every week, even if nothing is happening, go for it. If you prefer to keep quiet until something happens (within reason), then stick to that. Most people do their best work when they are comfortable. As long as your do not completely ignore your client, do what works for you.

(photo: Johan Koolwaaij)

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