Fraud in Ceglia Facebook Suit May Spell Trouble for Former Lawyers

This weird Facebook ownership lawsuit brought by Paul Ceglia has been going on for a while now, but it’s noteworthy how many lawyers have taken on the case and withdrawn—especially given that Facebook is now talking about bringing actions against prior attorneys for Ceglia based on failure to report evidence of fraud to the court. Mr. Ceglia is being pursued by the United States Attorney in Manhattan for forging documents on which the suit is based.

Regarding the potential ethical pitfalls for former attorneys on the matter, one of Facebook’s attorneys stated:

Now that Ceglia is being brought to justice for his crimes, Facebook intends to hold accountable all of those who assisted Ceglia in this outrageous fraud…. Facebook will send a strong message that it does not tolerate legal shakedowns and will take aggressive action against all those who file abusive lawsuits against the company.

There have been at least 4 separate lawyers or firms representing Mr. Ceglia at various times throughout this ordeal, and all of them are potentially under the gun due to the ethical implications.

(photo: Shutterstock: 78884932)

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