The Lawyerist Podcast

Lawyerist‘s weekly podcast about lawyering and law practice.

Podcast #225: Chesterton’s Fence and Using Humility to Solve Legal Problems, with David Colarusso

Podcast #224: Calling Bullshit on Compromise, with Chris Voss

Podcast #223: Legal Tech Debrief: Avvo, with Mark Britton

Podcast #222: Doing Even More with Less Time, with Allison Shields

Podcast #221: The State of the Legal Profession, with ABA President Robert Carlson

Podcast #220: Should You Start Your Law Firm as a B Corp?, with Kim Pray and Kate Kilberg

Podcast #219: How the Design Process Works in Practice, with Zach Pousman

Podcast #218: Data-Driven Law Practice, with Ed Walters

Podcast #217: Succeeding by Scaling Up, with Rachel Rodgers

Podcast #216: Free Law Project & the PACER Litigation, with Mike Lissner

Podcast #215: Online Accessibility & Law-Firm Websites, with Lainey Feingold

Podcast #214: How Law Schools Can Teach Innovation, with Alice Armitage

Podcast #213: The ROI of Gratitude, with John Israel

Podcast #212: Tweeting Judges & Access to Justice, with Judge Stephen Dillard

Podcast #211: The Innovative Lawyer Mindset, with Cat Moon