How Lawyers Work: Ryan McKeen, Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyer & Ten Club Member

In this week’s edition of How Lawyers Work, we hear from Ryan McKeen. Ryan is a personal injury attorney and the founder of Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC in Hartford, Connecticut. Prior to opening McKeen Law Firm, LLC, Ryan was an associate for 6.5 years at a well respected East Hartford law firm and a partner at a firm in Hartford.

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What’s your elevator pitch?

I’m the CEO of a kick-ass injury firm.

What apps or tools are essential to your daily workflow?

Filevine, Slack, and Tettra. We use Filevine to run our cases and do our work. It is an incredible platform for a personal injury firm. The ability to text clients from Filevine is a game changer for us. All internal communication is done through Slack. Communication is so important to what we do. We love our firm “Gratitude” channel. We have a firm wikipedia page hosted by Tettra. All of our systems and institutional knowledge are stored here. It is the ultimate efficiency.

What does your workspace look like?

Ryan Mckeen

Clean, modern, and warm. A place I would like to live in.

How do you keep track of your calendars and deadlines?

In a personal injury practice, deadlines abound. We use Filevine for deadlines and reminders, and it all integrates with G-Suite.

What is one thing that you listen to, read, or watch that everyone should?

The Headspace App. This app has made all the difference in my life. It brings me peace, clarity, and the magic power to slow things down.

What is your favorite local place to network or work solo?

My favorite place to network is Facebook. I have young kids and a busy practice. Getting out to events after work is very difficult. Increasingly, I network with groups of lawyers in messenger and in private facebook groups.

How do you or your team approach problems?

We approach problems with radical honesty, creativity, and determination.

What are three things you do without fail every day?

Meditate, practice gratitude, and tell those in my life that I love them.

Who else would you like to see answer these questions?

Jay Ruane.

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