How Lawyers Work: Jennifer Gerstenzang, Compassionate Defender and Uncoordinated but Determined Surfer

In this week’s edition of How Lawyers Work, we talked to Jennifer Gerstenzang. Jennifer is a criminal defense attorney located in San Diego, California.

What apps or tools are essential to your daily workflow?

Clio, Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Voice, Wufoo, HelloSign, One Note, and Square.

What does your workspace look like?

My work space is fluid and mobile. I am fortunate to have both a home office and a virtual office (the latter is where I meet my clients) both located in Encinitas, California. Since my practice takes me all over San Diego County, my mainly paperless practice can come with me. I find myself waiting out traffic in a local coffee shop where I am able to keep up with my emails and briefs without interrupting my work momentum for the day.

How do you keep track of your calendars and deadlines?

Google Calendar and Clio.

What is your coffee service setup?

(Other beverages are fine, of course, but we think you should really be serving coffee!)

My virtual office stocks soda, bottled water, tea and coffee. I have to say, however, the local upscale coffee houses right around the corner who roast in-house are far superior to anything in the office!

What is one thing that you listen to, read, or watch that everyone should?

Headspace. I strive to meditate more than I do, and am always grateful when I take the time to do so!

What is your favorite local place to network or work solo?

Woodsy, coffee shop near my home attached to the Bobby Riggs Tennis Club. The coffee shop is serene with large open windows on three of the walls. I am able to work while people enjoy games of pickleball on the courts below! It is a nice reminder while I work to keep things in perspective and remember to enjoy this life.

What are three things you do without fail every day?

Laugh out loud, make fresh orange juice, and handwrite my to-do list.

Who else would you like to see answer these questions?

Sam Glover. (Editor’s note: We already made Sam answer all the questions!)

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