How Lawyers Work: George A. Oggero, Jack of All Trades & Father of Five

In this week’s edition of How Lawyers Work, we hear from George A. Oggero. George founded GoLawTexas in Houston, Texas and practices in the areas of transactions, real estate, business, and estates and probate.

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What’s your “haiku of what you do”?

Who you help (5 words): Individuals, families, small businesses, entrepreneurs.

What you do for them (7 words): Full service legal advice, guidance, and support.

Why it matters (5 words): Responsive, attentive, expedient, effective, affordable.

What apps or tools are essential to your daily workflow?

Gmail, Google Calendar, iPhone, Clio, Quickbooks, and O’Connor’s Online.

What does your workspace look like?

I have an office in an executive suite on a floor with various businesses, which has been beneficial from a referral standpoint. I also have a home office.

How do you keep track of your calendars and deadlines?

Google Calendar syncs with Clio, which helps because with five kids my wife and I are always shuffling things around.

What is your coffee service setup?

The executive suite has a great coffee/tea selection, and a Keurig.

What is one thing that you listen to, read, or watch that everyone should?

I recently read Profit First by Mike Michalowicz, who provides an interesting take on running a business. I also regularly check for my news, and for sports.

What is your favorite local place to network or work solo?

With the executive suite set up, I do a lot of networking among the other businesses on our floor and within the building. I also meet with contacts and clients at Starbucks or at any one of the nearby lunch spots.

What are three things you do without fail every day?

Talk with my wife and play with my kids, reach out to contacts about my practice, and have coffee.

Who else would you like to see answer these questions?

Matt Scholes, Jennifer Casey, Courtney Kaisand

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