Top Law School Rankings

No matter why you're obsessing over top law school rankings, our commentary, tips, and thoughts about how rankings should impact your decisions will help.

The top law school rankings are always a topic of curiosity among those in and around the legal profession. Potential students try to maximize the prestige and quality of their law school education in light of their budget. Those already in law school have their own reasons for flyspecking the top law school rankings, and lawyers peruse the list out of pride, ego, and a curiosity about who is producing the next wave of law talking talent. US News & World Report dominates the top law school rankings popularity contest, but it isn’t the only show in town. Others have tried to provide some more nuanced assessments than US News chooses to provide, sometimes with interesting results. No matter your reasons for obsessing over the top law school rankings, we have you covered. We’ve assembled commentary on the law school industrial complex, how to succeed there, and how the top law school rankings should impact your decision making. If you’re thinking about resources on top law school rankings, you have come to the right place. You can read all about them below. And if you’re just interested in reading all of our posts about top law school rankings, you can do that here. And you can read all of our content about career goals, too.