Networking Advice for Law Students

Networking is just finding people who do a thing you’re interested in, talking to them, and gathering advice about how to get a job doing that thing.

Law school Career Services offices may be frequent targets of law students’ ire, but they definitely get it right when they try to give networking advice for law students. Networking is nothing more than finding people who do something you’re interested in doing, talking to them, and getting some advice about how to go about getting a job doing that same thing (if, in fact, you still want to do that same thing after talking to them). The problem is that most networking advice for law students sucks. That’s why we’ve gathered some best practiced and put the all in one easily-digestible resource. If you’re thinking about resources on networking advice for law students, you have come to the right place. You can read all about them below. And if you’re just interested in reading all of our posts about networking advice for law students, you can do that here. And you can read all of our content about career goals, too.