How to Choose and Apply for Law School

Going to law school starts with gathering info about schools themselves, like cost, value, ranking, location, outer-core & focuses, and the diaspora.

Much has been said on these pages about whether you should even go to law school in the first place (as you might expect, some say yes and some say no). But an equally important decision for future students is exactly where they should potentially spend three years and more than $100,000. That is, you need to decide how to choose a law school. For starters, you should probably be considering a few major factors like cost, value, ranking, location, outer-core & focuses, the diaspora, alignment with WYTYWTD (what you think you want to do), and the reasonable expectations you can and should develop about the likelihood that you will find a job doing (or at least adjacent to) the thing you are hoping to do.

When that is all said and done, you’ve got another opportunity: the mechanics of applying to—and getting accepted at—the best law school for you. The choice you make about where to go shouldn’t be taken lightly, and the work you put in once you decide you’re going to law school shouldn’t, either. We’re here to help you with both steps along the road.