Law Firm Jobs

Build a process to find law firm jobs, research the firms offering them, productively apply for them, secure an offer, and find career success.

Working for a private law firm may be the quintessential lawyer job. And law firm jobs can be, somewhat paradoxically, both ubiquitous and elusive. If you have identified that working for one of them is a career goal of yours, it behooves you to craft a useful process for finding those jobs, researching the firms offering those jobs, productively applying for those jobs, getting an employment offer for one of those jobs, and succeeding in one of those jobs. These things seem mysterious, perhaps, but they are known and knowable because it is a path many of us have traveled.

We’ve gathered a slew of tricks, tips, and commentary for those hoping to secure and succeed in law firm jobs. Our overview is below. Just want the posts? Read all of our posts about law firm jobs and our career goals coverage in general.