From start to finish, the LabCon schedule is an intense two days. We work in plenty of break time for catching up on email, returning phone calls, and decompressing. Nothing is mandatory, but everything is essential.

Here is a rough draft of the agenda. The bulk of LabCon comes in the form of collaborative problem solving. The agenda is subject to change, because each meeting is unique.


12–5. Arrival and unstructured time. Come to Filament to hang out with other TBDers and visit the City Museum for a scavenger hunt.

5–late. After cocktails and dinner at Filament, we will all get on a tour bus to the Wilderness Lodge Resort.


7–9. Join the group run, meditate, caffeinate, eat some breakfast, and get ready for the day.

9–12. TBD Law, Part 1.

12–1. Lunch, then self-directed time. Catch up on work, take a nap, or go to the City Museum if you didn’t get to go on Sunday afternoon.

1–3. TBD Law, Part 2.

3–4. Break. (You’ll need it!)

4–5. TBD Law, Part 3

5–6. Pre-dinner work/nap break.

6–11. Law firm workshop kickoff, then a working dinner in downtown St. Louis.


7–9. Same as Monday.

9–11. Workshop presentations.

11–12. TBD Law, Part 4.

12–1:30. Working lunch and wrapping up.