Bar Exam Tips

Folks passing the bar exam aren't smarter than those who fail. But successful test-takers use different—and powerful—bar exam tips and strategies to get by.

You don’t have to go it along. If you follow the law school path to its natural conclusion, eventually you will end up in a huge exam room with a gaggle of other terrified law nerds taking the bar exam. Sure, you’ve got plenty of resources at your fingertips, including your law school outlines, your case books, your study guides from your bar prep course, and countless hours of streaming content online to round out your knowledge base as you cram. Still, wouldn’t some final study tips, exam day tips, and words of encouragement serve you well right now? Catch up on all of Lawyerist’s coverage about taking the bar exam and mastering some useful bar exam tips. Good luck on test day!

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