“Those Who Can’t Do, Teach” Apparently Applies to FIU’s Solo Practice Incubator

The Florida International University LawBridge program “provided highly subsidized office space and personalized training for law graduates wanting to start their own law firms.” Call it a solo practice incubator.

Unfortunately, LawBridge’s own business plan was shaky. Its landlord found a paying tenant and canceled LawBridge’s donated space. Now the program is considering throwing in the towel on the office-space part of the incubator.

Carolyn Elefant describes the situation perfectly at MyShingle:

[T]he FIU incubator program seems like the blind leading the blind. The law school can’t figure out how to fund space unless its donated so it throws up its hands. How’s that for persistence or resilience?

Carolyn has some ideas for FIU if it decides not to bail after all.

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  1. Avatar miamisid says:

    Considering the lawyer glut F.I.U. might want to consider closing its law school…..

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