Have you noticed that the traditional law firm business model isn’t working for some lawyers? Perhaps for you …

Do you share this feeling:

it doesn’t feel emotionally sustainable” to …practice this way?

And for many lawyers, it’s simply not financially sustainable either.

In the worst case scenario, it leaves us without any business model at all constantly scrambling and hoping we can get our phone ringing with clients to serve.

In the best case, if we are “successful”, it sticks us on the marketing merry go round and cash flow roller coaster constantly focused on bringing in the next new client and unable to develop meaningful relationships with our existing clients.

In many cases, our clients end up disliking or even hating us.

Well, I’ve got great news for you!

Alexis Neely is hosting a virtual summit called the Business, Love & Money Summit for Lawyers.

It’s a 2-day virtual summit taking place entirely over the phone October 26 & 27, and she is interviewing lawyers who are not only surviving in this economy, but THRIVING – they have more business, more money and yes more LOVE than ever before.

Their practices are emotionally and financially sustainable.

The very best part is you can attend absolutely free.

All you have to do is follow this link and register here:

BudURL Link Management

By attending this virtual summit, you’ll learn:

  • From lawyers who are NOT struggling in this economy and in fact have total lifestyle freedom, more money than they know what to do with and clients who adore them;
  • How our tendencies toward perfectionism and lack of trust hold us back from having what we really want from our businesses (and what to do to break through it and experience more business, more money and more love);
  • How to emotionally connect with your clients and why you absolutely must do it, even if it’s hard for you, if you want to stay in business in the new experience economy;
  • Why you must stop seeing yourself as a provider of documents and put yourself in a position in which you compete on price (and how to do it when you don’t think you see yourself that way and yet your clients see you as that);
  • How to leverage the do-it-yourself market to have more business, more love and more money in your business;
  • Why you have to stop doing what you have been doing and the way you’ve been doing it and what happens if you don’t (Lee Rosen had a heart attack at 37 – is that where you are heading?);
  • How to experiment without taking on a massive amount of risk (and why you must try new things to keep from being constantly frustrated by your life and business);
  • How to go from working constantly to making sure are out of the office by 4pm every day or only go into the office a few days a week;
  • How to find the right team members to support you that you know you can trust and count on to get the work done for your clients.

REGISTER for the 2010 Business, Love & Money Summit for Lawyers absolutely FREE and listen in on two days worth of life and business-changing teaching sessions designed to help you shift to the new law business model that you and your clients will love.

And it’s all from the comfort of your home or office.

Events like this normally cost hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars plus require you to spend money on flights and hotels.

But, you get to listen in on this event at no charge whatsoever.

Go to http://budurl.co/ and register for your spot now.

This post is written by former Lawyerist contributor Alexis Neely

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