The Oakland PD uses a computer running Windows XP with a paltry 80GB hard drive to store license plate photos — and ran out of space like your parents on vacation. The upside is they will stop trying to store license plate data forever. [Ars Technica]

Ten (apparently) reasons visitors leave your website:

  1. Bad or dated design
  2. Poor content
  3. Information is lacking
  4. It looks terrible on a phone
  5. Annoying stuff (pop-ups, auto-playing videos, etc.)

Click the link for the full list. (Or hey, get our guide and you won’t have these problems.) [VinciDigital]

Lawyer v. Yelp. Again. Lawyer is going to lose. Again. [Popehat]

The future if drones become ubiquitous. (It sounds horrible, but merits consideration if you plan to submit sci-fi to our short fiction contest next year.) [Gizmodo]

Get a Notorious RBG manicure. You know you want one. [Above the Law]

Ubuntu did a dumb thing with its disk encryption implementation, but it’s fixed now. [Cyber Smashup]

If you use Dropbox for Business, Sookasa can scan users’ accounts for files that violate your security policy. [Sookasa]

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