Lawyers are systematic by nature, but shaking up your routine can enhance your productivity.

  1. Work in a different spot. If you can, try working in a coffee shop, a library, or your kitchen table. Changing your location can change your perspective. If you cannot work in a different location, try re-arranging your office. Subtle alterations can make a big difference.
  2. Alter your schedule. Instead of going to the gym in the morning, get to work early. If you usually go home at five, try staying late. Schedule all of your meetings in the morning, and work on writing in the afternoon. Figure out what time works best for each activity.
  3. Take an unplanned day off. Do not look at email, turn off your Blackberry, and do something for yourself. Taking a step back can help put things in perspective and help you refocus.

Try a couple of these techniques and become more productive!

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  1. Maria ILIN says:

    True. Also and all of those things are a good exercise to keep active your brain.

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