Box’s Governance and Compliance add-on package already lets companies set data retention policies, and now Box has legal holds built in.

Any time a lawsuit is filed, your corporate counsel can log into Box, find custodians who are named in the suit, place holds on their content and manage all matters related to Box content in one centralized mechanism.

Here’s a sneak peek at what the corporate counsel will see:


This is a smart move from Box, because smart, tech-savvy business lawyers are likely to start recommending Box to their clients. And it continues Box’s trajectory away from consumer-oriented cloud storage—where it can’t really compete with Dropbox‘s massive market share—to serious cloud storage for businesses.

Box is really competing Office 365, now, which already has document governance tools built in. And if you don’t mind working in OneDrive and SharePoint, maybe using Box feels unnecessarily duplicative.

But choice is good, and Box is a pretty great option already, so it’s probably worth discussing with your clients along with their document management policies and procedures.

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