It has been well established by the fashion (and the practical) world that once the air turns crisp and cool, boots are a wardrobe must. It doesn’t matter if they are short booties, knee high riding boots or wellies, boots are found in every style and on almost every female individual (unfortunately it seems half of these are still Uggs). I love boots and own more pairs than I have space to keep them. It is rare that during the cold months you will find me in anything but boots in my spare time but work is an entirely different issue.

Every winter I have a discussion with myself about whether or not boots are appropriate to wear to the office. It tends to go like this, I look at a pair of chic black boots and think yes, they are appropriate, they are polished and I will wear them tomorrow, I don’t know why I haven’t dont this before. However, without fail, each morning I never reach for them in my closet (outside of casual Friday) and unconciously, silently, judge women when I see them donning boots during the work week.

I think that I never wear them to work for two reasons. First, inexplicably, I see boots as inherently casual. Even if we are talking about stilleto heeled Christian Louboutin beauties, I still see them as more weekend appropriate than weekday. Secondly, and this sounds incredibly dated but there is still a stigma that tall boots are reserved for hookers and floozies. I am well aware that this is not true (and own at least 8 pairs of knee high boots myself) but I can’t halp but feel that tall boots automatically dress down an outfit. The only “boots” that I find work appropriate are short booties that are more of a covered heel than a boot.

From my observation of women on the metro every morning in DC (epic place to people watch by the way), I can see that I am in the minority on this subject. I also know that it is a question that others struggle and experiment with. I was at a panel a few weeks ago and during the networking portion there was a discussion touching on this exact subject. A woman said that you could wear boots to work as long as it has a heel. I’m not sure I agree with this but I’m interested to hear your take on the issue. So, would you wear boots to work?


  1. Rebecca says:

    I have been struggling with this as well! As a law clerk, I often donned the “work appropriate” black knee-high boots with a mid-heel. Now that I am licensed, I view them with the same stigma. I have yet to see a female attorney wear boots in the courtroom, which makes them a “don’t” in my book. On the other hand, it is getting cold outside and those boots look more and more appealing every day…

  2. apio says:

    You have to make your own mind up. I see women everywhere, including attorneys in NYC wearing boots. If you have a problem with it, don’t do it. If you are okay with it, then no one is going to shoot you! Knee high boots at any work place with a knee length skirt is no big deal in this day and age. I also see women lawyers wearing shorter skirts, an inch or 2 above the knee, but none of you ladies seem to worry about that. Funny, a woman covers her legs with boots and you struggle with the moral implications. She bares an inch or 2 above her knee and that’s okay. Seems to be a little moral/judgmental confusion on your part Ms. Roso.

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