Book Client Appointments Online

setsterUse the power and ease of the internet to let your clients book appointments with you online.

Setster places a tab on your web site that lets client book consultations online—no phone call needed. You can also set up Setster to accept Paypal payments. The service also integrates with both Quickbooks and Freshbooks to keep your books up to date. Setster is free for an individual user accepting less than 10 appointments per month. If you have more than ten, the cost is $9.95 per month.

Visually, the service looks fairly nice. It adds a tab on the left side of your site “Appointments,” and a window pops up if a user clicks on the tab. You can preview what it would look like on your site by visiting Setster’s home page.

Our office allows clients to book appointments using Google calendar and pay through paypal and it works fairly well. Some clients, however, have difficulty using the interface. Setster does appear to be a bit more user-friendly than Google calendar.

I also talk to clients who only want to make appointments over the phone—do not think using an online calendar will eliminate the need to answer the phone. At the same time, integrating an online appointment book/calendar can make life easier for both you and your clients.

Add Hassle-free Appointment Booking to Your Site With Setster | Web Worker Daily

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