Blogging and Twitter bringing people together offline


I went to WCCO‘s third bloginar at the Wilde Roast Cafe tonight. The WCCO bloginars are a way for local bloggers to get together with each other, meet WCCO media folks, eat, and caffeinate. Tonight, Jeanette Trompeter talked about her experiences as a new blogger, Facebooker, and why she is excited to join Twitter. Graeme Thickins also talked about his extensive experience as a blogger, start-up and marketing consultant, and more.

There were no screen-tanned basements dwellers in sight, but many hip, cool bloggers. I got to meet some new people, hang out with my friends Aaron Street and his wife, Nena, both bloggers, and throw a few amusing tweets up on the projector. I picked up a few new Twitter followers, and I am sure I will pick up a few new readers, as well.

The lesson is this: do blog, but do not just blog. Be a part of the blogging community, but do not limit that to blogs, or even to the web. Find other ways to interact with your readers and colleagues to build a more durable, extensive network.


  1. aaronstreet Aaron S. says:

    Another great reason to go to these events — I won courtside Timberwolves tickets at the bloginar! I’ll definitely be back next month.

  2. Aaron Street Aaron S. says:

    Readers in the Twin Cities should also consider checking out the monthly Social Media Breakfast:

  3. Avatar John Daenzer says:

    Thank you, Sam and Aaron, for joining us. It was great to have you there. We look forward to seeing you next time!

    Follow us on Twitter for updates on our next gathering: @wccobloginar.


    -John Daenzer
    Director of New Media
    WCCO-TV |

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