Blogging 101: “I don’t get the blog thing”


A colleague said this to me as we were riding up an elevator after the MSBA Practice Management & Marketing Section lunch today. I tried to explain, but while my “elevator speech” about my practice is pretty good, I do not have one about blogging. Nevertheless, I will attempt to boil down a complex internet thing to its essential parts.

First and foremost, a blog is simply a website. The difference is in the manner of publishing that website. With a blog, publishing is as simple as drafting an email. With traditional websites, publishing is complicated programmer’s work.

But more than that, a blog is (or can be):

  • A search engine magnet
  • A way to reach potential clients directly
  • Evidence of your expertise
  • A path to earned media exposure
  • Over time, a database

Of course, a blog can be more or less, depending on the blog and the blogger. It is what you make of it.

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